Growing up in the northern wilds of Nova Scotia, 
Corey was always an imaginative child...
​Family recall early stories of dinner parties where, before he could speak,
he'd go from person-to-person & interact with them in gibberish.
At the very least-they knew he'd grow up to be a talker...
Childhood brought with it a love of reading & lots of running around in the forest, climbing trees & pretending.
But it was his first day of the fifth grade that put him on the acting path forever.
His teacher asked for a volunteer to come to the front of the class & lie on the floor,
while pretending to be a piece of bacon frying in a frying pan.
As the heat was turned up the 'bacon' had to fry even more.
He was hooked.
That summer, at the age of 11, he attended the NOSCO Academy of Theatre Arts
where he would study every summer for the next ten years.
Later he appeared in the CBC television series, "Black Harbour', the Indie film, 'SLUG'
& worked in various Canadian films & stage productions.
In 2001, he trekked to Sedona, AZ where he would spend the next four years studying holistic principals
& learning about the spiritual practices of the Diné tribe.​
In 2005, he made the move to Hollywood upon acceptance into the American Academy of Dramatic Arts-
where he studied for the next two years before being invited to return for a third year as a member of the AADA Company.
Not one for downtime, upon graduation he immediately founded the Vesper Theatre Company,
performing original works & re-imagined classics in unconventional venues throughout the greater Los Angeles area.
He is soon to launch his original comedic series, "Unnecessary Force",
of which he is both an Executive Producer & plays the role of 'Director Wilson'.
~Stay tuned for more~!