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August 2020

My film 'Blackmark' has been re-released as "Rogue Mission' in Europe!!!

Check out a pic in my Gallery page

June 6, 2018

It's been a little quiet lately-so I'm excited to finally say:


I'll be playing 'Sebastian' in the upcoming feature film, "Hollow Bedrooms" =)


January 3, 2018

Happy New Year!

Be sure & check out my newly updated Theatrical Reel on my reels page

Ready to kick ass & take names in 2018


December 1, 2017


I'm finally joining SAG-AFTRA!!!!!

The currently undisclosed video game that I'm working on just went union!

Television bookings, here I come =)


November 21, 2017

Had an incredible time tonight watching my film, "Red Fish Blue Fish",

(now re-named, 'Blackmark')

at the Arclight Cinemas in Pasadena!

Check out some Red Carpet pix in the gallery!


July 25, 2017

Just finished shooting new headshots with Tandem Photo & Reel!

Captured about 6 different looks-keep your eyes peeled to the Gallery page as I add them.


June 16, 2017

Just signed across-the-board

with Green and Green Talent Group!

Peter Kallinteris has been my agent for years & I trust him implicitly.

Excited for this new venture =)

June 14, 2017


I'll be voicing a St. Bernard in an upcoming live-action family film.

John Lovitz just so happens to be voicing one of the other dogs opposite me =)


April 7, 2017


I'm super excited to announce that I've booked my first motion-capture & voiceover role in a Video Game!!!

If it weren't for the presence of several NDA's I've had to sign in advance, I'd be able to tell you outright who I'm playing; however, for now I can simply say that this is a HUGE role & opportunity, & I'm playing an iconic character that you all know very well.

That's it for now folks! Stay tuned~


January 1, 2017

~Happy New Year!!!!!~

Excited to get back into class & get to work

I've got an upcoming headshot session schedule too & some big news on the horizon =)


December 1, 2016

Sooooo about that thing I booked back in October that I couldn't you all about...
It was a Playstation gig

working on

Basically Sony & Playstation decided that they wanted to promote the launch of their new VR headset with the release of 4 games. And to kick things off-they hosted a weeklong event where YouTube Influencers were walked through these scenarios & then got to play the games.
In the game itself-there's a portion where you watch this 'found footage' VHS tape & see this Ghost Hunter type TV Host & his Producer walk into the house you find yourself in in the game.
So I played Pete, the TV Host & my buddy Ross Forte played André, the Producer. 
(when you play the game, you'll see there's a slight resemblance)
One by one we walked these unsuspecting YouTube celebs through the experience & Improv'd with them as we got them set up to play. The whole thing was filmed & each of the peeps have released versions on their channels.
It was a lot of fun =)
Some were genuinely scared, others, not so much.

Check out some Video clips from the event on my Reels page~

November 16, 2016

I was asked to model some clothing for the street/goth brand Bohemian Society

Check out pix from the shoot in my Gallery!


November 15, 2016

Had a lot of fun at the screening for the new LionsGate series, "Kings of Con"

Stay tuned for news of my involvement in the second season ;)


November 1, 2016

After a lot of tweaks & countless notes-the animated opening sequence of my series, 'Unnecessary Force' is live & viewable!

Check out my Reels page to take a peek

We'll be releasing the series in the new year

Stay tuned~


September 16, 2016


Can't discuss yet as I signed a non-disclosure agreement

but I will be playing  TV Host on a currently undisclosed Electronic Device

(that you've definitely heard of )

My 1st. booking with the Daniel Hoff Agency-here's to many more to come!!!!!!


August 26, 2016

What a great time watching the premiere of Netflix orginal movie, "XOXO" at the Harmony Gold Theater. Check it out on Netflix!


August 24, 2016

Recorded some ADR at MartinSound Studios today for 'Red Fish Blue Fish'

It's a trip to go back a year later & see your work, & then try & match your voice to your onscreen self


August 2, 2016

What a greATE time was had at the screening of Season 3 of "Dish It Out" at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts!!!!

Red carpet pix on my Gallery page

Delicious food, hilarious clips & so happy of my great friend, Producer Michael Vinton for all his achievements =) Check 'em out on YouTube-that Tony Spatafora is a helluva character ;)


July 28, 2016

Enjoyed a wonderful screening with friends, cast & crew of "Of Fortune & Gold" at the Harmony Gold Theater in Hollywood

Check out some red carpet pix in my Gallery~

April 18, 2016

'OF FORTUNE & GOLD' wins Best Picture at the 2016 Boston International Film Festival!!!!

Congrats to all involved =)

April 12, 2016

Check out the sizzle reel for 'RED FISH BLUE FISH' on my REELS page

March 12, 2016

What a thrill to walk into a Starbucks in Vancity & see the 'True North Blend' labels on everything from the V/O I voiced !


March 9, 2016

Had to go up to Vancouver to get some surgery done-will be booked out with my agency for the next six months-but excited to use this time to reconnect, refocus & build upon who I am


February 10, 2016

Had a great time at the screening of, 'Behind the Blinds' at Raleigh Studios

February 9, 2016

Officially signed with the Daniel Hoff Agency!

Great rep that's getting me on my A-Game

And here,

we GO!

December 27, 2015

The three voiceover spots that I recorded in French for Polaris Snowmobile are now live online! Check them out on my reels page


December 10, 2015


Recording six voiceover spots for Starbucks 'True North Blend' campaign =)

This is my second voiceover gig & ironically like the first, will air exclusively in CANADA

It appears I moved to Los Angeles to find work back on my native soil :P

Not complaining! Nothing but GRATITUDE!


December 2, 2015

My first ever interview is featured in an online magazine =)

Check it out: 



October 20, 2015

The first trailer for 'Red Fish Blue Fish' has been released!

check it out on my REELS page


August 12, 2015

Been getting my ass kicked back into shape with Boxing classes @ Prevail LA

Exciting action film news to come ;)


July 9, 2015


Just recorded my first ever VoiceOver gig for Polaris Snowmobile in FRENCH!!!!

Many thanks to JSTA for getting me this audition =)


June 24, 2015

Very excited to announce that I've just signed with Peter Kallinteris & the Jenny Stricklin Talent Agency!!!!


June 2, 2015

That's a wrap on 'Red Fish Blue Fish'! Keep your fingers crossed for our festival submissions =)


May 18, 2015

Was honored to speak on a panel at my Alma Mater today! Thank you Theresa Hayes & The American Academy of Dramatic Arts for having me speak to the graduating students =)


May 12, 2015

Just got done with a single-look headshot session at Argentum Studios with Ajay Jhaveri!

I wanted to capture a 'Medieval' style look to target some of my favorite shows; "G.O.T.", 'OUTLANDER', 'VIKINGS'.

Check 'Em out in the Headshots Gallery~


April 8, 2015

Finally filmed my scene in, 'Of Fortune & Gold' opposite actor Eric Jungmann from 'Not Another Teen Movie'

Great shoot helmed by director Jared Marshall


March 11, 2015

First day of fight choreography for 'Red Fish Blue Fish'

this is going to be one intense non-stop film


January 24, 2015

Had a great time shooting 'All Or Nothin'

First time ever on a horse & I did pretty good all things considered :) My horse was kind of the 'rebellious teenager' on set-he would take me in different direcions & try & eat everything in sight while we were filming

Great group of actors & crew :)


January 20, 2015


Had an audition yesterday for the film, 'All or Nothin' for the role of 'Claude Parker', a Kentucky bounty hunter in 1853 who's tracking a group of slaves who are seeking their freedom via the underground railroad.

Had a great read with the director & he called last night to offer me the role!=)

Especially excited because I'll be on horseback as well as doing dialect & of course the fact that it's a period piece


January 12, 2015

I just added the 'Icebreakers' Commercial link to my Reels page~

Also, checkout the official website for my upcoming film,

'Red Fish Blue Fish' http://www.redfishbluefishmovie.com


January 9, 2015


I've officially booked my first LEAD role in a feature film here in the U.S.

I'll be playing Alexi Popoplovski-head of the KGB in the upcoming political thriller,

'Red Fish Blue Fish'.

This period film is sure to go to festivals & I'll be filming much of April

(my birthmonth-what a great gift ;)


January 5, 2015

Just uploaded new Slate Shots to my Reel Page

Check 'em out!


Dec 8, 2014

Just started long-sword fight training at

IronShield Arms


Nov 5, 2014

In what has become our yearly tradition of working together in November-I was happy to once again have the pleasure of working on an 'Icebreakers' breathmint commercial with the talented team @ McCoy&Meyer Productions!

Clip & Pics to follow


Sept 25, 2014

Officially signed with Armando Vaughn @ Kathleen Schultz Associates

as my Theatrical Agent=)


Sept 8, 2014


I've just been cast as 'Clyde Peterson' a UFO specialist in the upcoming horror feature, "Abductee"

#foundfootage #horror #scary #UFO 


Sept 4, 2014

My one-day shoot in Los Angeles has turned into a four-day shoot in Utah!!

Woot woot!

First out-of-state on-location filming!!! #OfFortune&Gold


August 15, 2014

Good times on the red carpet at last night's Independant Film Quarterly Party.

I was there as castmember of the hilarious new webseries, 'Not it', which won best ensemble cast!=)


August 13, 2014

New headshot session with Paul Smith Photography

great guy, great studio

It's easy to be at ease when you have

a wise-cracking Aussie behind the camera

I wanted to capture two specific looks-a 'Period' look & a more slick 'Villain' look

Judge for yourselves: check out my headshots gallery


August 12, 2014


Playing a cowboy in the upcoming Indie film,

'Of Fortune & Gold'


August 1, 2014

I finally became a permanent resident of the US today following the arrival & approval of my Greencard=)


July 2014

Had a blast last night at the New Media Vault Mixer @ the W Hotel

Red Carpet pics in my Gallery


June 28, 2014

Tyler Ward Music Video is released!

Watch it on my reels page!


June 2014

New Clips added to my 'Reel' page! Check out 'Movie Guys'  :)

Tyler Ward music video to be released soon...


May 2014

Just shot a promo commercial for KCRW/NPR

special thanks to Derek Villanueva &

Riot! Scene Media for having me

I play a stay-at-home Dad in the commercial

pics can be found in my Gallery


April 20, 2014

Not ONLY was today my birthday-but tonight was my final class of Stan Kirsch's Audition Bootcamp! I've got my official invite & start ongoing class @ the Stan Kirsch Studio on May 4!

stoked to take things to the next level this year & book my first Television Guest Stars


April 2014

It's my birthday month & I'm unveiling my new site just in time!

I'll always update my most recent works here first...


If you'd like to check out what projects I worked on in 2013-click on the Facebook Fanpage icon at the top of the page=)